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66 Year Old Man Kicks Ass At Battlefield | Platform Nation

Ahhh...retirement, some of the best years of the end of our lives. After working tireless thankless hours at a job we dislike, we can sit back, relax, tend to our garden, or learn some good wholeso...

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Celebrate Sonic's 20th In Phantasy Star Universe | Platform Nation

To celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary today, players located in Gurhal area of Phantasy Star Universe can meet up with Sonic & Tails today only. Both characters are available for a meet and gre...

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E3 2011: Pre-Alpha Footage Of Star Trek Game Released | Platform ...

Sony just showed off some pre-alpha footage for the upcoming Star Trek game on PlayStation 3. According to the in-game footage, the game will be released sometime in 2012. Of course, the game has a...

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 1 Impressions | Platform Nation

I know it's a little late to the game, but my cousin just showed me this tonight while at the family Passover Sedar, which sort of relates to the brutal murder and violence that characterizes the M...

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 2 Impressions; Note, Spoilers Ahead ...

Episode 2 of Mortal Kombat Legacy was released earlier today. As some of you may be aware, I just discovered the Mortal Kombat Legacy series yesterday at the Passover Sedar and enjoyed it greatly. ...