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The Indie Game Magazine

Just Another Day At The Office Questions Your Sanity In The Workplace

Unfortunately for many, the work place is not a fun place. This is a maxim that many of us can likely relate to, and one that is pretty realistic to most people's experiences with office jobs. Brin......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Dangerous Insects Hops Into Beta

The first game development effort from developer Andrey Prakhov of Prand Games , Dangerous Insects is a fully 3D tower defense extravaganza for Mac, Windows and Linux. The game features a variety o......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Why I Created An Indie Studio

The following post is by Matthew King, artist and developer of Indie Game development company 2D2Day. King writes about his motivation for creating his own indie company and what he feels indie mea......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Heads To Kickstarter

During the past week, developer Warhorse Studios has been showing off some new information about their upcoming historically-based RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Now the latest announcement is tha......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Cloudface Floats On With New Teaser Trailer

Developed by Futurebeard, an indie games company consisting of the bearded trio Corey McDaniel (Artist/Animator), Craig Johnston (Programmer) and Calum Bowen (Music/SFX), Cloudface  is a 2D platfor......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Watch Vintage Games Make An Indie Title In Eight Hours

VINTAGE Games President Dan Bisciglia has a lot to live up to; in an eight hour game design session of enormous heights, he intends on creating, from start-to-finish, a one-man gamejam, creating th......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Eldritch Adds New DLC With Mountains Of Madness

You've already read our review of Minor Key Games' rougelike dungeon crawler Eldritch. You've already hopefully went out and purchased Eldritch, which is still on Steam's Holiday Sale at a whopping......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Hyper Breaker Turbo Free Until 2014

A twist on the classic Breakout title from Atari, beJoy Gaming is offering up Hyper Breaker Turbo for free on the iOS app store for one day only. With a full 75 levels, this sleek action puzzle gam......

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The Indie Game Magazine

Dueling Indie Game Niddhog Gets Release Date And Announcement Trailer

The latest indie title from developer Messhof, Nidhogg is for those of you who crave some fast-paced old fashion off-the-wall dueling with your cup of morning insanity.  The above announcement trai......

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The Indie Game Magazine

A New Editor-in-Chief Has Entered The Ring!

Buckle up, readers. Daniel Horowitz here, your new Editor-in-Chief speaking. Silly Street Fighter references aside, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the community and offici......